Welcome to JP Projects ltd.

JP Projects ltd. specialises in fibrous plastering, glass reinforced gypsum works, and acoustic plaster (BASWAphon) and our current working practices highlight our flexibility, expertise and knowledge of innovation within these fields.

Our work on various projects internationally shows how we assist in making groundbreaking designs a reality, taking plastercraft into a new territory.

Our precise craftsmanship combined with our problem-solving capabilities has made JP Projects ltd. a popular choice for major plastercraft projects across many sectors including vast retail projects, hotel and leisure and high-end residential.

John Palmer, Director, JP Projects Ltd.

John Palmer has been working in the fibrous plastering and glass reinforced gypsum industry for 25 years. Following an initial 3 year apprenticeship he worked on various projects both in the UK and internationally.

His current position is: Director of JP Projects Ltd – UK & Ireland (6 years), which involves him overseeing all aspects of management from the tender stage, procurement, site supervision, technical support and interfacing with the client to assure their satisfaction.

Previous position: Director JJs Projects Ltd – UK & Ireland (5 Years)


Our previous clients include: