BASWAphon Acoustic System

JP Projects ltd., are authorised installers of the BASWAphon Acoustic System.

The BASWAphon acoustic system provides control of reverberation and removes unpleasant noise levels created by large rooms and sound reflecting surfaces. This permits the original source of the sound to emerge clearly: noises are easily differentiated, and the spoken word is easily understood.

Often, the restriction of reverberation is included in the design concepts of architects and the solution was perforated panels, perforated surfaces, industrial prefabricated elements etc. The BASWA technology is adaptable in its surface structure, colouring, shape, etc., meaning that the same outcome can be achieved in an aesthetically pleasing way. For more information please visit

Other Services

JP Projects Ltd. are experts within a variety of fibrous plastering and glass reinforced gypsum methods. Our present management team has numerous years of experience and are well respected within the industry. Our working practices highlight our flexibility, our expertise and knowledge of innovation within GRG technology. Some of the other services we provide include:

Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) is plaster reinforced with glass fibers to produce a thin,lightweight, yet strong material. This innovative material is the first choice of many architects when planning to create complex shapes. Quick to install, with a seamless finish, GRG is ideal for achieving aesthetically demanding forms, particularly where shapes curve in two planes.
Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) is a substance composed of a plastic matrix that is embedded with glass fibers to provide strength and reinforcement. It offers the architect unlimited design flexibility due to its moulded shape potential. From columns to cornices, GRP is used to add decorative dimensionality to projects while being a cost alternative to many traditional building materials.
Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is a non combustible material made out of fiberglass reinforced cement. The fiberglass reinforcement allows for high flexural strength combined with a lighter weight product to reduce the costs associated with heavy stone materials.

Fibrous Plasterwork is the more traditional form of decorative plasterwork and it is manufactured with casting plasters reinforced with jute hessian scrim and timber sections. More commonly associated with restoration and replacement of ornate decorative plasterwork